SAP DevOps Datasheet

ONE Native DevOps Platform for SAP On-Premise, CPI and Cloud Applications

DevOps as a Service

ReleaseOwl is the first Enterprise-grade Native DevOps Platform designed for SAP Applications. Be it supporting your current investment on SAP on-premise or enabling you to migrate to SAP Cloud with confidence or accelerate your application development on SAP cloud  – ReleaseOwl serves as one platform for automated packaging, deployment, testing, and compliance of SAP Applications.

5X Faster Go-to-Market

Continuous delivery of Software is essential to meet the speed of the business today. With its CI/CD pipelines that automate package and deployment of SAP applications, its Compliance Checks with integrations like SonarQube, ATC, CPILint, etc., and orchestrated workflows driving seamless collaboration and approval process, ReleaseOwl ensures that customers experience faster go-to-market with increased reliability.

70% Reduced Downtime

Downtime is critical to business both in terms of customer experience as well as employee confidence and productivity. With an early warning system powered by ReleaseOwl, you can shift left the defect detection in the Software Life Cycle to ensure thorough efforts are put early in the development. Along with this, a proper backup and rollback mechanism built into your SAP deployment process will ensure that any occurrence of downtime can be reduced significantly.

3X Improved Productivity

Code Reviews and Compliance testing integrated into the development process produces better quality code and reduces defects in higher environments.  Add to this, the increased deployment frequency, reduced time for deployment and failure analysis, ensuring more productive time for development

0 Setup and Maintenance Cost

ReleaseOwl comes with out-of-box DevOps workflows for both SAP on-prem and cloud applications delivered as a SAAS offering. It would mean no need for extensive SAP installation or expert teams to manage the software. The upgrades and maintenance of the application are all done by ReleaseOwl as part of the SAAS offering.

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