Webinar – Join our Panel Discussion on SAP DevOps

Panel Discussion on SAP DevOps

DevOps transformation is critical to success for accelerated development and delivery of applications. With SAP holding the core layer of the delivery stack, makes it even more important for the business to adopt DevOps practices for the SAP application landscape.

The complexity of SAP change and upgrade management that is quite different from the rest of the technology platforms coupled with the rapid adoption of SAP cloud calls for a dedicated DevOps platform that would enable customers to seamlessly manage application development on both SAP On-premise and Cloud applications.

Watch this Panel Discussion to learn about:

  • Why DevOps is important for SAP Customers?
  • The emerging trends in SAP DevOps
  • ReleaseOwl CI/CD Pipelines for both SAP On-Prem and Cloud
  • ReleaseOwl – Change Management, Compliance, and Audit
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