Workshop: DevOps Professional (SAP On-Premise) Certification

Date: Wednesday, 25th January 2023
Time: 11 AM EST

Take the first step on your SAP DevOps journey with our DevOps Professional Certification. This certification introduces you to ReleaseOwl and how you can perform transport management for SAP On-premise applications with ReleaseOwl.

If you’d like to learn more about the certification and course, sign up for our workshop on the same. What’s more? Once you’ve completed the workshop, you will be able to take the certification costing $150 completely free of cost AND three months free access to the ReleaseOwl Playground!

Register for this workshop and get:

  • An overview and walkthrough of the DevOps Professional (SAP On-Premise) Certification
  • Key points and guidelines from our SAP DevOps Experts
  • Benefits of ReleaseOwl for an SAP DevOps professional
  • $150 voucher for the certification
  • Three months free access to the ReleaseOwl Playground
Watch the Recording

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