How ReleaseOwl can help improve your CPI Management

SAP Integration Suite (CPI)

The SAP integration Suite allows you to build, deploy, and monitor end-to-end integration scenarios across heterogenous landscapes. Its most highly used feature, Cloud Integration allows you to build integrations from cloud to cloud, on-premise to cloud, and on-premise to on-premise. SAP CPI has several advantages, including its cloud integration capabilities, message-volume-based licensing model and trouble-free maintenance.

SAP CPI with ReleaseOwl

As a native DevOps platform for SAP, that can be used on-premise as well as on cloud. ReleaseOwl helps make the SAP development lifecycle much smoother. It has a rich set of features for continuous delivery of SAP CPI Applications. It allows you to synchronize multiple versions of your CPI artifacts, assign user stories from Jira, Azure DevOps, and ServiceNow to CPI artifacts, save IFlow configurations of multiple environments, and apply them during deployments.

The platform also has some useful features such as version-compare, where you can compare multiple versions of a CPI Artifact or compare artifacts across multiple environments in your SAP Landscape. It also has backup and rollback features that allow you to go back to the previous state in case of any issues with the deployment and ensures stability of the environments.

Validation allows you to check for best practices, connectivity, and security issues; and provide a violation report enabling development teams to increase their quality and compliance by a large extent. With ReleaseOwl, your CPI Management will become smoother, easier, and more efficient.

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