Experience DevOps for SAP Cloud, built on SAP cloud with ReleaseOwl


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Cloud native DevOps is the next generation wave for DevOps and ReleaseOwl joins the bandwagon with its native DevOps suite built for SAP Cloud. It is live on SAP Appcenter for purchase.

ReleaseOwl comes with the following capabilities that automates your packaging and deployments as well as orchestrates all your release activities to ensure you experience seamless release management.

CI/CD Pipelines: ReleaseOwl comes with advanced CI/CD pipelines and its workflow is presented below covering its Build Pipelines and Release Pipelines

Build Pipelines: Build Pipelines are quite effective to provide early warning system for developers.

ReleaseOwl-BuildPipelines for SAP Cloud ReleaseOwl-BuildPipelines for SAP Cloud

As shown above,

  • With build pipelines, developers can create automated MTA package from your GIT repository either scheduled or webhook or on-demand.
  • After the package is created, unit tests are run for ABAP or HANA or Java code and results will be shared with the team.
  • With the sonarqube integration, the developed code is subjected to compliance checks and a report is prepared on any violations to the coding standards.
  • The package is then published to the artifact repository.
  • A build log with all the changes part of the build will be shared with the team for audit and compliance.


Multi-stage Release Pipelines: Release Pipelines are a powerful for your release management team to deploy artifacts and collaborate with various divisions part of the release.

Multi stage deployment pipeline for SAP Cloud Multi stage deployment pipeline for SAP Cloud

As shown above,

  • With Release Pipelines, teams can deploy an artifact that is built with a build pipeline into multiple SAP Cloud Environments ( Stages)
  • At each stage, you can configure which environment the artifact needs to be deployed.
  • For each stage, a pre-deployment step ( like an approval by a team member) and/or a post-deployment step ( like a sanity test sign-off or some¬† declarative changes that needs to be done) can be configured.
  • After deployment, automated tests can be run on the SAP cloud environment to provide the feedback on quality of the MTA artifact deployed.


ReleaseOwl Dashboard will give you the summary of latest build and deployment pipeline results with all the required information for your teams to review and take necessary action to ensure that you have a high quality application release happening on time.

CI CD Pipeline Dashboard
CI CD Pipeline Dashboard – ReleaseOwl

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