Release Management for SAP® Cloud Applications


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SAP® Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service that helps to create complex business applications supporting a wide range of technology components like Java, SAPUI5, Hana, Node.js etc.,

Release Management for complex SAP® cloud applications involves not just automating the packaging and deployment of applications, but also extensive team collaboration and wide range of testing frameworks to be in-place to achieve desired quality.

What is ReleaseOwl ?

ReleaseOwl a native DevOps suite designed for SAP cloud platform. With a rich set of features including advanced CI/CD pipelines, orchestrated workflows, code compliance and quality checks, ReleaseOwl ensures reliable and scalable release automation of SAP cloud Applications.

Why is ReleaseOwl unique ?

Large Enterprises often cannot depend solely on automation to drive the entire DevOps strategy. It involves a combination of high degree of automation with extensive collaboration that can help in the decision making at various stages of release.

ReleaseOwl provides release management for SAP® cloud applications in two powerful dimensions – as a CI server automating your deployment and tests across environments as well as a Workflow Engine driving orchestration acorss various stakeholder teams in your enterprise.

ReleaseOwl has a CI server component that automates packaging and deployments using specialized deployment strategy, MTAR ( Multi Target Applications). It also provides CI pipelines to  run automated unit tests, generate code coverage, perform compliance checks with static code analysis, run functional automated tests with Selenium etc.,

ReleaseOwl also has a workflow Engine that can guide the collaboration and decision making within the stakeholder teams involved in release management process.

ReleaseOwl seamlessly lets enterprise release management teams model their release process with a combination of CI jobs (packaging, deployments, testing) along with workflow actions ( Tasks, Approvals, Decisions, Notifications etc.,) all packaged beautifully into a single suite letting the teams experience the full power of end-to-end DevOps for their SAP® cloud applications as shown below

Model and Automate your Release process with ReleaseOwl


A typical release process as illustrated below will have a combination of automation tasks as well as tasks that involve user to be involved in decision making process.

SAP® Release Process Automation with ReleaseOwl

ReleaseOwl is a SAAS Application

ReleaseOwl is hosted primarily as a SAAS solution which means teams can just procure the subscriptions and start using the application without any heavy lifting with infrastructure.

Additional hosting models like hosting on customer cloud or on-premise are offered with special price packages.

ReleaseOwl is Natively built on SAP® Cloud Platform

ReleaseOwl is built using SAP® cloud platform with SAP® UI5 and is hosted on SAP® application market place making it a highly secured application to be used by the SAP® application teams.

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