DevOps for SAP Integration Suite (CPI) with ReleaseOwl


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ReleaseOwl is a native DevOps Platform designed for SAP applications built on-premise and cloud. You can define, orchestrate, and automate the release management process for SAP applications using ReleaseOwl.

What is SAP Integration Suite?

SAP Integration Suite (formerly known as cloud platform integration, CPI) is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that allows you to seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications and processes with tools and prebuilt content managed by SAP.

SAP CPI has been used by several customers and is constantly growing as the go-to tool for creating new cloud-based integration. It is better and more convenient to use as compared to SAP PI/PO.

As adoption of SAP integration suite is growing there is a need for automation for effective change management of SAP CPI. ReleaseOwl has rich capabilities for continuous delivery for SAP CPI applications.

DevOps for SAP Integration suite with ReleaseOwl

  • Upload of Designtime iFows or ValueMappings
  • Deployment of uploaded iFlows, or ValueMappings
  • iFlow Configuration Manager (Compare and Update configuration values for each landscape)
  • Security Checks for iFlows
  • Backup and Rollback for iFlows

With ReleaseOwl, CPI management is as simple as it can get.

Security checks for CPI

ReleaseOwl checks all the static violations inside iFlows using CPILint. You can also view the artifact violations in a detailed report.

Create Release packages with user stories

In ReleaseOwl, release packages are used to package a group of CPI User Stories and deploy them all at once to higher environments.

Deploying packages with Release Pipelines

Release Pipelines enable you to orchestrate deployments into SAP environments with right approvals in place. Release Pipeline is created with one or more stages.

You can create a multi-stage pipeline to setup continuous delivery of applications all the way to production.

Each stage will correspond to automated deployment for one SAP environment along with optional pre-deployment / post-deployment activities. The pre-deployment / post-deployment activities can contain approvals, task assignments, Jira/ServiceNow updates, notifications etc.,

Running a release pipeline has never been simpler. Once you create a release package on ReleaseOwl, you can simply go to Release Pipelines and run the required package.


While creating a release package, you have an option to rollback a deployed CPI artifact. Once rolled back ReleaseOwl will redeploy the previous state of the artifact

Rollback logs

ReleaseOwl has an option to view the logs of the rolled back pipeline.

ReleaseOwl saves you time, effort, and money by making every aspect of SAP Integration suite a breeze.

About Us

ReleaseOwl is a native DevOps Platform designed for SAP applications built on-premise and cloud. It helps define, orchestrate, and automate the release management process for SAP.

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