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DevOps for Steampunk aka ABAP Cloud with ReleaseOwl

Steampunk is the new buzz word for the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment or ABAP PaaS. With the ABAP rest-ful programming model and with access to all the SAP HANA capabilities, Steampunk is an innovative platform that is currently playing a hub role in integrating SAP systems, connecting SAP cloud services and any third-party external services. ReleaseOwl, the leading cloud-native

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ReleaseOwl – A Native DevOps platform for SAP® Cloud

ReleaseOwl is a native DevOps platform designed to accomplish continuous delivery for SAP® cloud. It is a product suite that has a rich set of features to achieve seamless continuous integration and well orchestrated release management for the applications built on SAP® cloud platform. The following are the capabilities of the ReleaseOwl DevOps platform Plan a. Setup your Jira / VersionOne

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