SAP DevOps


How IT leaders can improve business agility by accelerating change in SAP?

Today, with cut throat competition governing the industry and more and more competitors getting added to the list each day, agility in a business has become one of the driving forces for its growth and expansion. A slow pace of change in SAP automation can, however, become a hurdle in this process of businesses trying to stay ahead of the

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DevOps for Steampunk aka ABAP Cloud with ReleaseOwl

Steampunk is the new buzz word for the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment or ABAP PaaS. With the ABAP rest-ful programming model and with access to all the SAP HANA capabilities, Steampunk is an innovative platform that is currently playing a hub role in integrating SAP systems, connecting SAP cloud services and any third-party external services. ReleaseOwl, the leading cloud-native

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