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ReleaseOwl’s ROI Calculator for SAP DevOps

ReleaseOwl’s ROI Calculator for SAP DevOps is a powerful tool that helps businesses analyze their DevOps metrics and identify areas for improvement. By using this tool, businesses can optimize their workflows and maximize their ROI. Here’s how the calculator works: Step 1: Enter Your Current Metrics and Process Details The first step is to enter your current DevOps metrics and

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Announcing ReleaseOwl Winter’23

SAP Transport Management Transport Backout/ Rollback You can now back out/roll back transports deployed to any environment (including production) effortlessly. Note: This feature is in Beta phase. Add Transports to User Stories You can assign transports (either created in ReleaseOwl or in your SAP system) to user stories from Jira / Azure DevOps / ServiceNow ABAP Visual Comparator Graphically compare

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