Announcing ReleaseOwl Winter’23

SAP Transport Management

  • Transport Backout/ Rollback
    You can now back out/roll back transports deployed to any environment (including production) effortlessly.
    Note: This feature is in Beta phase.
  • Add Transports to User Stories
    You can assign transports (either created in ReleaseOwl or in your SAP system) to user stories from Jira / Azure DevOps / ServiceNow
  • ABAP Visual Comparator
    Graphically compare ABAP versions of an Object across the SAP landscape

Lifecycle Management

  • Promote a Jira/Azure DevOps user story / Transport independently across the SAP landscape.

Release Pipelines

  • You can add a “Validation Task” to your Release Pipeline.
    (Transport Dependencies, ATC checks, SonarQube, ABAPUnit, CPILint etc.,)
  • The “Wait for Promotion” task holds a release pipeline in the current stage.
    (Let’s say QA is signed off completely, but the pipeline needs to wait before kicking off the tasks defined for production deployment)
  • Stop on failure
    You can stop and reset the pipeline to the beginning of a particular stage in case a validation task results in errors.


  • With the CPI Unit Testing Generation framework – you can now generate unit tests for SAP CPI (Integration Suite) applications with few inputs.
  • You can configure CPI Governance Rules with the Rule Editor
  • You can register SAP CPI environments with Oauth


  • Jira / Azure DevOps webhooks to deploy the user stories based on the change in user story “status”.
  • Assign GIT Commits to Jira / Azure DevOps user stories

Test Automation

  • Tricentis TOSCA Integration is available to run Tosca tests on successful deployments as well as run Tosca test suits in any SAP landscape independently.
  • Test Plans & Configuration for HCL OneTest will add more flexibility to your test automation efforts with ReleaseOwl

Audit Enhancements

  • Detailed logging enabled for User Story Activity
  • Audit capabilities are added for Release Package management
  • Lock & Unlock are available for Release Packages (for administrator role) so as to control the packages being deployed to higher environments.

Success Community

  • Online Documentation – The complete product documentation is now made online.
  • Certifications – Help you to upskill yourself and learn more about SAP DevOps and ReleaseOwl.
  • Help Desk – Online support portal for customers to raise support tickets.
  • Discussion Groups – Collaborate and discuss about challenges or best practices in SAP DevOps.

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