ReleaseOwl Winter ’23 Release : Multiverse Magic

We are excited to announce ReleaseOwl Winter ’23 Release, codenamed “Multiverse Magic.” This release is packed with innovative features, enhancements, and fixes designed to streamline your deployment and ALM workflows. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

ReleaseOwl Core Platform

  1. Deployment Multiverse: Now you can deploy Transports, MTAR packages, CPI Artifacts (IFlows), and SAC Artefacts all in a single deployment request. Say goodbye to multiple deployment hassles!
  2. SAP Component Owner Mapping: Easily assign and manage ownership of SAP components, enhancing accountability in your deployment process.
  3. Advanced Fiori/SAP Deployment in ABAP: Our ABAP deployment support just got smarter, making it even easier to manage your Fiori and SAP deployments.
  4. UI Themes: Customize your ReleaseOwl experience with user-selectable UI themes that can be changed from the User Profile section.
  5. Message Listener: Seamlessly integrate ReleaseOwl with external applications through our new Message Listener feature.
  6. Retry Failed Deploy Tasks: Never let a failed task hold you back. Retry SAP On-Premise Deploy Tasks, CPI Deploy Tasks, and MTAR Deploy Tasks effortlessly.
  7. Conditional Flow Execution: Take control of your flows by stopping execution based on conditions, providing greater flexibility in your deployment process.
  8. Approval Task Notifications: Stay informed by receiving email notifications when an approval task is rejected, ensuring quick response and action.
  9. Bug Fixes and Platform Improvements: We’ve squashed pesky bugs and made various platform improvements to enhance your overall experience.

Test Automation

  • Tosca Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Tridents Tosca for comprehensive test suite management, test execution, and reporting.


  • Custom Ordering of Transports: Prioritize and order transports according to your preferences at the time of import.
  • Scheduled Deployments: Efficiently schedule deployments within the release pipeline for better control and organization.


  • CAP Deployments: Enjoy full support for CAP (Cloud Application Programming) Deployments within the ReleaseOwl ecosystem.


  • Version Integration with GIT: Streamline your SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) workflow with enhanced version control through GIT integration.

SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Automation of SAP Analytics Cloud Applications: Automate packaging, deployment, and testing for SAP Analytics Cloud Applications, reducing manual effort and errors.

ALM Workflows

  • 4me Integration: Achieve seamless user story management and approvals with full integration with 4me.
  • Jira Integration: Deploy user stories directly from Jira based on status or custom fields, simplifying your development workflow.
  • ServiceNow Automation: Automatically deploy user stories upon ServiceNow approvals for an efficient and synchronized workflow.
  • Jira On-Premise Integration: Connect Jira On-Premise with SAP Cloud Connector and OAuth2 for enhanced security and functionality.
  • OAuth2 Support for ServiceNow: Ensure secure communication with ServiceNow through OAuth2 support.

ReleaseOwl 2023 “Multiverse Magic” empowers you with the tools you need to streamline your deployment and ALM workflows. Enjoy improved efficiency, greater control, and enhanced integration capabilities.

Contact us today and experience the magic for yourself! Or watch our video to learn more.


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