Implementing DevOps in SAP BTP with ReleaseOwl

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is the foundation that allows integration for SAP and non-SAP solutions. It is a unique platform that can help organizations implement digital transformation. As the tech basis for everything that SAP does, it provides various tools and elements for developers as well as the bridge to go into the cloud perspective with Steampunk. As SAP BTP grows as a platform, it is important to find solutions that allow DevOps practices to fit into the SAP environments.

Some of the key aspects integral to DevOps include version control, code review, unit testing, security checks, and automation. ReleaseOwl helps effectively implement all these aspects and more in its SAP BTP module.

ReleaseOwl for SAP BTP

ReleaseOwl is a Native DevOps Platform designed for SAP applications built on-premise and on BTP. It helps define, orchestrate, and automate the Release Management process for SAP.

You can create MTAR artifacts and validate through the Build section, develop workflows through the pipeline feature, and generate artifacts out of source code. With SAP BTP and SAP s/4 HANA, both being supported by ReleaseOwl, continuous integration and continuous delivery become possible. SAP BTP is a unique platform that helps organizations effectively implement digital transformation, achieve productivity, and enhance forecast planning, while ReleaseOwl speeds up and enhances all these processes.

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