Azure Integration for SAP


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ReleaseOwl is a Native DevOps Platform designed for SAP applications built on-premise and on BTP. You can define and automate the Release Management process for SAP applications using ReleaseOwl. Azure DevOps is a powerful tool to organize development tasks of any project. In addition, there is the pipeline tool available, which allows you to build Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines. CI/CD Pipelines help you to automate and accelerate the deployment of newly developed features.

Importance of DevOps for SAP Teams

An ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) system includes the people, tools, and processes that allow SAP teams to successfully traverse each stage of the lifecycle and move from one phase to the next.

In the current agile organizations, ALM ensures that project requirements are met and workflows are simplified, making it a breeze for the team to work together. This results in a better-quality product being developed in a more efficient way within shorter timelines.

DevOps is a key factor for attaining high-level agility and quality in any development project. DevOps is about overcoming functional silos by creating cross-functional, autonomous teams in an open working environment.

Key Benefits of Azure DevOps Integration with ReleaseOwl

  • Easy and seamless integration with ReleaseOwl
  • Get sprint details from all teams into ReleaseOwl
  • Workspace ID is available in integration settings, so the users can view the required information in ReleaseOwl.

With ReleaseOwl, Azure integration and use is a breeze.

A Webhook URL is generated, which will be used in the Webhook configuration of Azure DevOps System. This is required to handle change events to Issues and Sprints.

Sprint Management

After configuring Azure in ReleaseOwl, a bi-directional sync is established between the two. As changes are being made, User stories and Sprints are updated in ReleaseOwl and Azure.

Release Management for complex SAP® cloud applications involve automating the packaging and deployment of applications, extensive team collaboration, and a wide range of testing frameworks to be in place to achieve desired quality.

About Us

ReleaseOwl is a Native ONE DevOps Platform designed for SAP applications built on-premise and on BTP. It helps define, orchestrate, and automate the Release Management process for SAP.

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