Low Code / No Code with SAP BTP


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Latest Development in SAP BTP 

Digital transformation and innovation are keeping all the organizations on their toes.

SAP Business Technology Platform has extensive capabilities to accelerate SAP S/4HANA. SAP BTP is a part of the RISE with SAP package, which helps you build critical integrations, and extend and automate business processes in production environment.

SAP BTP acts as a bridge to the cloud, from the on-premise world, to ensure that a user can have a step-wise approach and, in the end, it is the technology basis for everything SAP does for the intelligent enterprise. In a nutshell, SAP BTP is the platform powerhouse for everything SAP can do.

3 reasons why SAP BTP is important for developers:

  • It is the technology basis for everything SAP does.
  • It provides various tools and elements for the developer to simplify their work.
  • It provides an opportunity to go into the cloud perspective with Steampunk, with BTP acting as a bridge.

SAP BTP brings together SAP’s technology portfolio, including Data Management, Analytics, AI capabilities, Application Development or Integration and forms, to one platform. It is about integration, extension, and data to value application scenarios.

SAP BTP helps to:

  • Deliver end-to-end business processes
  • Achieve rapid innovation by extending and automating processes
  • Create real-time insights for quick decision making

Low Code / No Code with SAP BTP

Low code / No code has unique capabilities that facilitates collaboration between business stakeholders and IT teams. This gives way to unparalleled speed of innovation.

With a plethora of complimentary, pre-built process content/bots and integrated low-code automation tools, such as SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, SAP Business Application Studio, AppGyver, SAP Workflow Management, strategic portfolio developers and business experts are no longer tied down. This is a vast portfolio SAP is providing from ‘no code to low code to pro code’ to promote building of the Intelligent Enterprise.

According to Gartner, by the end of 2025, most of the new low code clients will be from non-IT organizations.

Advantages of Low Code / No Code with SAP BTP

  • Helps in Scaling Up Your Business
    One of the most important things in the present business world is the ability to scale up one’s business. Low code / No code development uses open code standards and allows developers to export their raw code and use it as required. This provides almost unlimited scalability.
  • Reduces Technical Dependence
    Organizations moving to agile or trying to adopt digital transformation often face technical debt. SAP low code platform is designed to avert this technical debt, and enable teams to customize and estimate cost that comes with modernization. This platform also makes it easier to maintain and simplify future upgrades and maintenance.
  • Allows Employees to Work More Efficiently
    Low code / No code development is much easier and less time consuming. This will help teams in focusing on more complex tasks, implementing the best practices, irrespective of their location, instead of dealing with repetitive tasks. Low code gives developers the ability to extend their functionality and solve business problems.

SAP BTP is a unique platform that can help organizations implement digital transformation. It will help businesses achieve productivity and enhance forecast planning.

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