ReleaseOwl Winter 22 Highlights- DevOps for SAP


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Throughout the past few months, our team continued to improve features and functionality across ReleaseOwl. These release notes outline the updates you’ll see.

Here’s what’s new in ReleaseOwl Winter ’22 Release:

SAP CPI (Integration Suite) DevOps

  • CPI Iflow comparison across environments and different versions
    A visual comparison editor to compare your IFlows across environments. You can also compare multiple versions of your IFlows.
  • Support for CPI ValueMapping deployment/Rollback
    We have added automated deployment and rollback support for CPI ValueMaps (both new and updated versions).


  • Integration with CTS (Cloud Transport Management)
    Now you can export GIT commits as cloud transports and deploy them across BTP sub-accounts
  • SAP GIT Service Integration
    In addition to GITHub, BITBucket and Azure DevOps, ReleaseOwl can now work with SAP GIT Service to perform remote GIT operations.

Transport Management
Transport domain controller is a gateway and serves as an entry point to all the SAP systems in your landscape.

  • gCTS support is provided for on-premise deployment across the landscape
  • Option to perform dependency checks and sequencing based on the transport import queue during the import of bulk transports

Test Automation
ReleaseOwl has now Out-of-the-box integration with HCL One Test making it a continuous delivery platform for SAP.

You can now manage, run, and report the results of HCL One Test Suites from Release Pipelines as automated post-deployment activities.

Unit Test Integrations
Support for running OPA Unit Tests (OPA5 tests) as a part of build validation.

ESLint Unit Tests are executed for Node JS applications as a part of build validation.

ALM Integration
An increasing number of SAP teams are looking to take advantage of the latest technologies to make it easier to integrate and work with ALM systems.

Winter’22 boasts of significant effort into ALM integrations with the following:

  • Integration with Azure DevOps ALM
  • ServiceNow integration
  • Integration with Jira On-premise/Server version
  • Support for Jira Kanban boards

User Management

  • Support for custom roles by adding permissions
    Users can now define custom roles, and create multiple permissions based on the requirements.

Task Management

  • Deliver Tasks to role or group of users
    You can now deliver tasks to a role created in ReleaseOwl and assign the task to all the users who are assigned to that role.

Build Validation

  • Running OPA (One-Page Acceptance) unit tests for applications built using SAPUI5 during build. Once the build is successful, these unit tests are run, also known as OPA5 tests.
  • Executing ESLint unit tests for NodeJS application during build

In addition to these key updates, ReleaseOwl ‘Winter 22 provides customer enhancements and has a cumulative fix pack with complete backward compatibility.

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