What’s New in SAP ABAP


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ABAP or Advanced Business Application Programming is a high-level programming language created by SAP to help large corporations customize their SAP ERP.

The new ABAP programming model is based on proven technologies such as Core Data Services (CDS) for the data modelling and access. SAP TechEd 2021 had a ton of developer forums, and Q &A sessions.

Here are some Key takeaways from #SAPTechEd2021 for ABAP

  1. SAP S/4 HANA: The breaking of the backward compatibility paradigm. With S/4 HANA, SAP ends 100% backward compatibility with previous releases, although it is still difficult to judge what impact this will have.

    Easy reuse: Ease of reuse of decoupled and modularized custom business logic for implementing business object behaviors in different applications and scenarios.

    Reuse CDS-based data models and access controls in SAP S/4HANA: CDS is a cornerstone technology in the Digital Core and offers the basis for the ready-to-use, semantically enriched, CDS-based virtual data model (VDM) on top of which the applications are built in SAP S/4HANA.

    Logon Directly: Customers can logon directly to S/4 HANA cloud system, similar to on-prem and do their on-stack development directly on S/4 HANA cloud technology stack.

  2. BOPF as an extension of SAP: The Business Object Process Framework is the basis for Transaction Services and works with business object and can be augmented with business logic through the framework.
  3. SAP BTP or Steampunk: Well suited to build loosely coupled applications, so customers can use ABAP development tools and develop apps based on ABP restful application model. Internally, S/4HANA Cloud and Steampunk share the same ABAP Platform code line. It supports the transformation of these systems to a cleaner core, with a stable public interface between SAP and extensions.

    Custom extensions developed with Embedded Steampunk now have the same properties as Steampunk Cloud:

    • Usage of stable public interfaces only
    • No modifications of SAP code
    • Restricted usage of the ABAP language and other technologies
    • Restricted usage of system functionality
    • Efficient development with RAP
    • An enterprise-ready environment for Cloud development, including a new ABAP language version and the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP)
  4. Embedded Steampunk for S/4 HANA On-Prem:
    • Supports the transformation of these systems to a cleaner core, with a stable public interface between SAP and extensions.
    • On-prem ABAP custom code can now set a flag telling the ABAP compiler whether to allow classic code or enforce strict Steampunk checks.
    • Steampunk and Embedded Steampunk make the long transition period from on-prem to hybrid to Cloud a lot easier.
  5. 2027 marks the official end of maintenance for SAP R/3. The effects on software customers depends on how they use SAP.

The ABAP Platform unit has been reinventing itself and is ready for the years to come!

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