Advanced SAP Transport Management with ReleaseOwl


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ReleaseOwl is a native DevOps platform designed to accomplish continuous delivery for SAP Applications built on-premise as well as on cloud. It is a product suite that has a rich set of features to achieve seamless continuous integration and well-orchestrated release management for the SAP Applications.

Is SAP transport management overwhelming for your team?

SAP transport management looks overwhelming for large SAP teams running complex SAP implementations with projects running in parallel as well as for relatively smaller size teams doing manual SAP change management.

SAP Transport Management Challenges for complex SAP implementations

SAP running complex SAP implementations often use Solman as it is the best available tooling so far and run into the following challenges:

  • Maintenance / Upgrades of Solman and Charm is not easy.
  • Adding new systems to SAP landscape is not seamless.
  • Retrofit changes across landscapes involves lot of co-ordination with conflicts.
  • Not designed for scalable CI/CD pipelines with test automation, monitoring etc.,
  • No out-of-the-box capabilities for rollback.

SAP Transport Management Challenges (manual)

SAP Teams using manual import of transports without any tooling end up spending lot of effort during the production release with the following challenges:

  • Maintaining transport dependencies in excel sheets.
  • Missing transports in the co-ordination and getting import errors.
  • Downgrade protection issues due to sequencing issues.
  • Retrofit issues.

Seamless Transport Management with ReleaseOwl

ReleaseOwl, a SAAS DevOps platform for SAP has a well-designed transport management module with the following rich capabilities

  • Create / Sync Transports for both Workbench and Customizing requests.
  • Release and Import of Transports
  • Critical Object Management
  • Transport Impact Analysis
  • Import as Transport of Copies (without releasing transport )
  • Transport Retrofit

Sync transports
Latest Transports will be brought from the source environment of SAP landscape to ReleaseOwl.
If there are changes made to the existing transports, the changes will also be updated.

Manage Critical Objects
You can mark the objects that require mandatory review under Critical objects section. It has options like Active and Whitelist.
If a transport has a critical object and is marked active, it requires approvals to deploy to a target environment. If both options Active and whitelist are checked, then the transport is imported without the need for additional approval.

Transport impact analysis
Transport validation is a powerful early warning feature that can help admins / developers ensure that they produce high quality code/ configuration changes at source.

Once a transport is validated, a validation report is generated with the following quality and compliance reports:

  • Transport Downgrade protection checks
  • Cross Reference Checks
  • Cross Release Checks
  • Critical Object Check

  • ABAP test class execution and test results.

  • The overall code coverage with branch, procedure and statement coverage for the test classes giving an overall view about the quality of ABAP tests.

  • Static Code Analysis of ABAP Code with ABAP Test Cockpit ( ATC ) integration

Easy Transport Retrofit and conflict resolution in browser
Retrofit in SAP synchronises your Urgent changes and Normal changes. It can be implemented after your urgent changes have been transported to Production system and you want to maintain version of your object.

Conflict resolution
During Retrofit, a conflict report is generated that displays the conflict that has arisen.

You can make edits in the source or destination in this page. Here for e.g., make a change in the destination. You can view the contents of this particular object in source and destination.

ReleaseOwl saves you time, effort and money by making every aspect of transport management a breeze.

To experience advanced transport management with ReleaseOwl, please write to us at:

Here is a quick video of the Transport management capabilities with ReleaseOwl

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