ReleaseOwl – A Native DevOps platform for SAP® Cloud


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ReleaseOwl is a native DevOps platform designed to accomplish continuous delivery for SAP® cloud. It is a product suite that has a rich set of features to achieve seamless continuous integration and well orchestrated release management for the applications built on SAP® cloud platform.

The following are the capabilities of the ReleaseOwl DevOps platform


a. Setup your Jira / VersionOne Sprint board on the application

b. Assign GIT Commits ( from Github / TFS / Bitbucket/Gitlab)  to ALM User Stories ( Jira / VersionOne)

c. Update User Stories with Validation Reports


a. With ReleaseOwl, you can build and package complex SAP® application using the MTA package methodology

b.  All the build artifacts are maintained in artifact store for access anytime

c. CI pipelines can be created for build and post-build activities.


Developers need support with early warning for the code developed by them before it integrates with mainline. With ReleaseOwl,  the following validations can be done on the code checked into developer branch

a. Running Automated Unit Tests

b. Code Coverage

c. Static Code Analysis with Sonarqube

d. Raise Pull requests for review


a. Automate deployments across various environments with CI Jobs.

b. Create back-up packages before deployments so as to roll-back as required.

c. Update User Story status based on deployment result

d. Assign Manual Tasks to any individuals/teams which will be tracked through the application.


a. Create branches( GIT Hub, GITLab, BitBucket, TFS) and raise pull requests for merge from the application

b.  Create webhooks to trigger CI jobs on merge commits

c. Map Merge commits to User Stories

Test Automation

a. Automation tests can be run with Selenium and results shown in the ReleaseOwl application along with CI job results.

b. Map your automation tests to user stories so as to build traceability matrix

c. Categorise your tests, import your test plans and run specific test suites for various environments.


Model and manage multiple parallel releases ( Major releases, minor releases, Hotfixes) etc., with the ReleaseOwl application

Setup exit criteria for various release environments and validate them in the application

Setup sign-off and approval process with  all the required documents uploaded and results available.


Setup Enterprise DevOps dashboard with all the key metrics that show visibility of the degree of automation and progress of releases.

Setup alerts and thresholds that trigger notifications if there is any deviation to the quality benchmarks

Create custom compliance reports to be shared with the leadership team for transparency in the development and release management process.

and many more…

Please write to for a working demo,  if you are interested to explore these features and see them fit into your enterprise release management process.


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